About our services

Market data and value add

About Us

We are dxbSolutions.

We provide consultancy services to owners and operators.

Our service portfolio includes the following

  • Concept design
  • Site selection
  • Fit Out
  • Registration
  • Licensing
  • Staffing
  • Franchising
  • Loyalty
Concept design

We start with a business plan and a full demographic survey of your preferred location.

We can design the right theme and concept for your location based around our extensive demographic analysis and footfall traffic analysis.

Result? A business that maximizes revenue per head spend and percentage cost to sell.

Site selection
Fit Out

Data is critical.........

Good business decisions revolve around having the right data available. 

Whether this is a good cloud based finance system, a flexible CRM system, or a world class EPOS system, we can help you leverage massive gains in sales and profit.

Our consultancy service will identify what the "key wins" look like, customised for your business success.

Design and Fit Out

We have an extensive array of design, fit out and delivery partners that we have worked with for a very long period of time. We trust that they can deliver, and they do.

We can work from an idea, or maybe you already have a design brief. Let us take that from the design to delivery stage.

An important aspect is also the project management onsite. We are able to provide full project management services with deliverable KPIs throughout.


Pre-sales consultancy

Before taking your business to market, we will conduct a thorough analysis and "health check".

Identifying key opportunities is crucial to success.

The more information we can gather at this stage, the better quality our Information Memorandum and therefore the higher level of acceptance from our investor panel.

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