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Adapt to survive for the long term

The COVID-19 pandemic redefined the business world, particularly for SMEs. It's vital that companies take charge to identify any potential weaknesses that will compromise long term survival.


At dxbSolutions our experts are ready to help. Especially if you have a business that is ready to sell or find investment, now is the time to ensure that your systems, processes and procedures have taken account and mitigated any inherent risks. We can provide you with consultancy services to get through any tough times.

There are three key areas that we can assist your business with, and those that act sooner will come out the other side reinvigorated and as a totally re-positioned business.


Investors are particularly careful in a "buyers market", evaluating opportunities with a fine tooth-comb. It's therefore essential that your financial systems are strong. 

It's not all doom and gloom - during slower times, there are fantastic market opportunities for those companies that are facing the challenge head on, and are prepared for the long term survival.

What we can do

  • Improved cashflow forecasting and planning

  • Asset management and leverage

  • Connecting you with investors or lenders

  • Improving core planning systems and cash management systems

  • Reduce costs and improve bottom line margins with agreed targets

  • Managing down debtor days and improving payment lead times

  • Introducing better ways for clients to pay - online or discounted invoicing

  • Valuations - DCF valuations, EBITDA valuations, EV valuations

  • Create and present pitch decks and Information Memorandums (IMs)

  • Advanced Due Diligence of your business before an investment pitch or bank funding

  • Bring pre-screened investors and VCs to your business for funding rounds

Operations and Systems

SMEs need to adjust their current business models and forecasts. What was good in January 2020 doesn't apply anymore. It is paramount to re-engineer the entire business model to take account of the changing landscape.

We can help through researching the change in the market demand, identifying the changes in consumer behaviour, as well as the possible gaps and opportunities for you to leverage and benefit from. There needs to be a wholesale revision of revenue goals and product timelines, along with a new business model and operating plan, with clear and constant communications with the market.

Customer attraction and retention and communication has never been so paramount. We can audit and advise on go to market strategies at this difficult time.

External communications and consistent messaging will give confidence, especially to investors at a time like this. 

What we can do

  • Business systems evaluation and suggestions for improvements

  • Convert legacy bricks and mortar enterprises into an e-commerce based entity

  • Provide support for last mile supply chain solutions

  • Introduce dashboard and manage by exception systems

  • CRM and finance App implementation

  • Feasibility studies

  • Business modelling

  • Marketing solutions

  • Business development and Joint Venture advisory

  • New product recommendations

  • ROI analysis


Active and transparent communications are extremely important. The systems need to be in place to ensure that feedback loops are working, so that the business decision making process is robust. 


Potential investors need to know that your key people are prepared, and have taken the necessary actions and implemented risk management systems into their daily activities.

What we can do

  • Senior team competency reviews

  • Psychological profiling and team fit

  • Assist with salary review and hiring

  • Leadership coaching

  • Employee management system implementation and review

  • Cost saving reviews

  • Succession planning

  • Key man risk evaluation

  • Insurance opportunities to reduce key business risks

Testing the new environment


Once the new infrastructure is in place, various scenarios and forecasts should be tested and a strategy developed accordingly.


Now is the time to transform your business operating model


For your business to survive and grow, the right enablers must be in place, from a people, process and technology perspective.

What we can do

  • Full business forecasting with "what if" scenario case studies

  • Test business resilience under a variety of scenarios

  • Perform a health check of the company finances with recommendations

  • Implement a score card system for KPIs

  • Reduce costs and improve profits

  • Provide regular reviews and recommendations

  • Provide outsourced management services to run your enterprise

Contact dxbSolutions and let us help you navigate your way through life's challenging times.

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